3 Super Easy Last Minute DIY Gifts that Anyone Can Whip Up

Forgot to buy gifts for the holidays? Too rushed to buy anything? Or confused about what to buy for someone special? Fret not as we have the perfect super easy DIY gift ideas for you that hardly take any time and attention.

Plus, you will have the added benefit of knowing that a handmade gift will make someone really happy to receive it.

1. DIY Elegant Frame – With some burlap, a dry erase marker and a white wooden frame, you can make a chic looking frame and present it to anyone.

2. Cookie Ingredient Gift Bag – Toss in a family favourite cookie recipe, along with the ingredients to make it, in a funky looking gift basket and pull the whole thing together with some colorful ribbons and a card.

3. DIY Sharpie Mugs – Using coloured oil based sharpies and some white mugs, you can create custom-designed, personalised mugs to gift to anyone. These make for a memorable present that will last a lifetime.